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Use of the Invitation Templates

In some cases you may really need to order wedding cards. You will certainly want to do it if you are going to host a really big wedding. However, the case can be totally different if you are not going to do that. The truth is that it can be quite expensive for you to order 10 invitations only. To this end, our free wedding invitation templates can help you. You do not have to spend so much on printing only 10 cards. You will be able to print the them yourself. It is not that complicated to print just 10 to 15 invites yourself at the end of the day. And it is not difficult for you to use these templates.

Create Your Invitations on the Fly

One of the aims of providing the printable invitation templates is to help couples to create the invites easily. As a result, we have created an online application so that you can create your own invitation cards on our website. This is probably the easiest and fastest way for you to create the cards. You do not have to download them. You do not have to use complicated image editing software to edit the templates. Instead, you can just input your names and details of wedding. The program will automatically generate the cards for you within a second. You can download the pdf or jpg files. The files created with our application are printing ready. You do not have to do anything to edit or retouch it. You can just easily print the files out of the box.

Download And Edit Yourself

There are brides and grooms who may want to add more personal touches to the invite design. This is why we do not just provide the option of creating the card using our application. It is possible for you to download the blank design of the wedding invitation templates directly from our website. Our downloadable and printable templates come with two different formats – docx and jpg. With the jpg format, you will need to use graphic software to help you. You can use your favorite graphic editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel photo paint) to create your own invitations. If you know how to use this type of software, you will have a lot of flexibility to make your own invitation based on our designs. It is also very true that not all couples master sophisticated graphic software. You may not even have the time to edit file. To this end, some brides and grooms will search for invitation templates for word. This is why we provide editable computer files in both MS Word and JPG format. You can use your word processor to edit. This will be the easier route for most couples.

Help You to Save Time

We would like to become your time saver. You do not need to design the invite from scratch. We have already done all the design work for you. The sizes of them are in standard sizes. You will be able to find the envelopes for them easily. Besides using them to make your main invite, it is also possible to use them as free wedding announcement templates. Again, you can just put proper wording on them and you can create your own announcement cards.

You will still need to create the wordings. After you have printed the invites, you can print an insert and put it into the card. It is not suggested you print directly on the back of the card since that may generate a lot of waste.

Create Your Invite With The Free Wedding Invitation Templates

Making the Wedding Cards More Unique

If you would like to make the invites more unique, you do not just print them out. After you have print the card with our editable templates, you can add some more human touches to them. For example, you can put some small crystals on the cards. It will not be a difficult task at the end of the day.

On the other hand, you may also put a feather on the card. Of course you will need to use some glue to do so. This will make the cards more unique and special. You can let your creativity flies when you are using our free templates.

If you want to create something simple, you can just edit the files you download and print them out. This will be something preferred when you want to use them to make a simple announcement card. On the contrary, you may want to make the design more sophisticated if you are creating your main invite. If this is the case, you can use our free wedding stationery templates and make it into your own handmade invitations. What you need to do is to add new elements and ornaments to it. Your guests will certainly find your cards interesting, special and unique if you can spend your time to do so.

Choosing the Materials

Paper comes with different thickness. If you are going to making a folded design, you may need to choose thinner paper so that you can fold it easily. On the contrary, you can use thicker materials if you are not going to fold it. However, you will still need to make sure that the paper you choose is printable when you use your printer to print. Remember to test the effect and materials before you buy in bulk so that you will not waste them. Another point to consider is the color of the paper stock you choose. As you will probably know, it is quite impossible for you to print on very dark color paper. For example, it is not really possible for you to print on a piece of black paper. If you want white texts on a black color background, you will need to print black color on a piece of white paper.

Wish you a happy big day and we also hope we can help you to make your event more perfect!